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Like regular options, binary options are agreements to buy or sell an asset at a price on a specified date.The contract is out-of-the-money if the underlying asset rises to a level that the trader does not wish to reach, typically a decline, and the trader loses.The “payoff” is the amount an investor will receive when he or she has “won” the binary option."Binary options hit the market early, so there's not a lot of historical data, but to date, they have not really caused a lot of issues for customers.They profited from placing trades on the taxpayers behalf, receiving a percentage of the proceeds.The terms strike price and expiration date are specific numbers indicating the value at which the underlying asset is either assumed to be bought or sold.Typically, only contracts with the lowest level of risk will pay the highest level of payoff, while riskier contracts will have lower level payoffs.Binary options brokers range from firms that only sell binary options to reputable brokerage firms that also offer various other financial products.

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Forex, Stock Market Trading, Binary Options Trading, Currency Options Trading, Indices, Futures, Metals and Contracts for Difference - Binary Options Trading, CFD’s and Forex are all traded on the trading platform.More than three dozen former employees and affiliates of US Binary Options in Argentina have been arrested for defrauding investors of funds.Binary options are typically used by large financial institutions to make extremely large bets.For example, if you buy EUR/USD, you will pay 1 Euro with a starting value of 100 Euro.As such, there is no margin requirement and the use of a money market account is generally not required.However, there is also no insurance against lost profits.Because of the advent of the futures market, the most basic form of binary options is now becoming increasingly popular.Even when you have no further interest in the underlying commodity, you may still want to trade it through binary options.

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