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Binary Options are contracts which give rise to an obligation to buy or sell a financial instrument at a pre-agreed upon price and time.An example would be the precious metals (gold, silver, platinum or palladium).The majority of binary options traders are nonprofessional day-traders, while the majority of professional traders are in the U.One of the few jurisdictions in the world that does not regulate binary options is the state of Wyoming." On December 17, 2015 , the NCAIContinued more than six years of inaction on binary options, the Association issued its first public warning about the problem.A binary option is a contract which obliges the seller to exchange for the account holder an underlying asset against the option holder deciding whether the price of the underlying asset will be above or below a predetermined value at the expiration of the contract.The other major drawback to binary options is that they are highly speculative, and very high-risk.Despite the fact that they resemble a future contract in many ways, options do not follow the rules of futures markets.In the European Union, binary options trading currently lacks a regulatory framework to protect European investors.

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Binary options trading platforms can be a minefield for fraudsters.Just like with futures contracts, binary options prices move in what is called a bull or bear market.He still is doing business in the binary options industry, as I recently uncovered some emails from him.Until recently, not much data was available on binary options, although more information is becoming available now.The prices of financial instruments involved in binary options trading, such as currencies, commodities and indices, are extremely volatile and differ from the underlying asset.The Court of Appeal held that the products are not fraudulent and it was not necessary for ASIC to have the same jurisdiction over the products as it would for a prospectus.

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