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The payout percentage may be as low as ninety percent.This can lead to fast gains and quick losses, and for that reason, traders often look for assets that are more stable.If the market price of the asset drops to, say, ,500 after you invest ,000 in the option, you would still be entitled to sell the asset for that price, regardless of what the market price of the asset is after 14 days.Last week, the Australian government issued a statement on binary options, warning that Australians should be cautious of binary options since it is a highly speculative and risky investment product with significant potential for loss.A binary options (sometimes called a digital option) is an option that gives the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a certain quantity of a given security (or other type of asset) at a specific time for a specific price.Binary options are legal within U.If the investor is incorrect, there is no payout and the investor loses the amount invested in the binary option.On March 15, 2010, you gain the ,000 amount specified on the option contract; if gold is below the price of ,000, you lose your ,000.Options and futures contracts are traded in pairs and those pairs are called an index option and an index futures contract.

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While binary options brokers offer traders opportunities to make quick gains from trades, they are just as willing to lure people into trading at a loss.An investor correctly predicts that the value of a given stock will be , receives a payout of , and therefore has a profit.Brokers, have no obligations to register with U.For example, it is estimated that only six trading platforms control half of all binary options transactions in the US.Many binary options that seek to be regulated by regulators are being acquired by U., a binary options firm which was associated with an unregulated binary options web site.

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