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Binary options are derivatives based on the underlying asset, and commodity futures contracts are pure derivatives based on the commodity itself.As a result, scams are cropping up like wildfire.Here are some of the most common ones that you can find: financial markets, especially on the New York stock exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ; the Euro, the British pound (GBP) and the Swiss Franc (CHF); commodities like gold and oil, and commodities on the NYSE and NASDAQ; indices; and stock indexes.Today, we are going to take a quick look at one of the biggest scams out there: scams involving binary options trading.Binary options take the form of a wager in which investors bet on the performance of an underlying asset, often a currency, commodity, stock index, or share.For example, a binary options contract that pays an investor one hundred dollars if the value of Bitcoin at its expiration date rises by ten dollars may be attractive to a trader seeking a quick and easy return on his or her investment.Most binary options trading platforms operate around the clock, 24/7.Their review may take anywhere from two to three months, although the length of the review can vary from broker to broker.The Committee considers that the lack of regulation in the trading of binary options on non-regulated platforms, including those that are not exchanges, exposes the investors to unreasonable risk.', width : '100%' }, setTitle : function ( title, unique ) { this.

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Instead, they use borrowed money to enter the binary options market.There are two forms of this option.The original purpose was for asset speculation and this continues to be their primary use today.Binary options are any kind of contract that obligates a trader to pay a predefined sum to the holder of that contract if a certain event has occurred, or to receive a certain amount if another event is not achieved.A still growing number of regulators and security experts are concluding that binary options fraud is reaching epidemic proportions.The risk of the binary options should also be balanced by the potential profit.

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