Brokers en estados unidos

Brokers En Estados Unidos

The FTC encourages investors to contact the FTC if they suspect that any firm is promoting fraudulent binary options to them.A trader buys or sells a binary option on an asset by submitting an order that specifies the "price" to buy or sell an asset.If the security that the binary option is attached to reaches the target point specified in the option, the investor will win a fixed amount of money.A draft regulatory framework for the SRO is expected to be released in July 2015.The binary option's price represents the premium, or compensation the investor receives for entering into the contract, which will pay a fixed sum if the price of the underlying asset is above the strike price on the expiration date of the contract.Binary options trading has yet to gain widespread acceptance in the United States.When the trade is entered, it is like entering any other trade on the exchange where the contract is traded.This is the underlying asset of the binary options contract.

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Securities and Exchange Commission.Binary options are a relatively new addition to online trading, and are still generating both excitement and controversy.Individuals and institutions are purchasing binary options for a wide range of reasons.CFTC-regulated markets have self-assessed and documented their compliance program for market integrity and marketplace surveillance (MTISPS).This scenario is often played out using email, phone calls and pre-recorded websites.The majority of binary options on the market are speculative and risky due to the lack of liquidity.

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